아래 사진을 보고 영어로 묘사하세요.

영어로 사진 묘사하는 법

1. 노트를 펴고 다음 질문에 답을 적으세요. 

2. 그리고 그 답을 이용하여 문장을 완성하세요. 

3. 그 후에 소리내서 읽으세요.

About people

- How many people are there?

- What are they wearing?

- Where are they?

- Male? Female?

- Any accessories?

- Are they friends? siblings? lovers?

About action

- What are they doing?

- Are they moving?

-  What are they going to do after the current action?

About things

- What things do you see in the picture?

- Describe its colors, shapes and purposes.


- Any other things you want to talk about?

- How's the overall feeling or mood of the picture?